Tips For a Successful Bid Response

    1. Read the entire ITB over before you begin to prepare your response.
    2. ITBs require strict adherence to the items and specifications listed.
    3. Vendors can submit questions via the Question Submittal Form as specified in the Written Questions and Answers section of the appropriate ITB.
    4. Do not ask questions or discuss the contents of any solicitation with anyone other than the ITBs designee.
    5. Do not make any assumptions regarding the solicitation.  If it is unclear, submit a question as noted above.
    6. It is recommended that vendors continue to review the State of Nevada, Purchasing Division's website frequently for amendments or changes issued for the solicitation in which you intend to respond.  It is the vendor's responsibility to retrieve amendments from the Purchasing Division's website.
    7. Recheck your response for accuracy prior to submitting it to State Purchasing.  ITBs may be changed until the opening date and time.  However, after the response is opened it is too late.
    8. Be sure to send samples or attachments specifically as stated in the solicitation.  It is not necessary to separate the narrative/technical portion and the cost portion of your response for ITB solicitations.
    9. Use the forms included in the solicitation for your responses.  Expensive bindings and elaborate color charts, etc. are not expected or desired.  Respondents should emphasize completeness and clarity of content as well as conformance to the ITB.
    10. Be sure to sign and/or initial your response in all required sections.
    11. Be competitive.  Give your very best response for goods and/or services.