PMP Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do an inventory?

All agencies are required to do a physical inventory at least once a year, pursuant to NRS 333.220. Agencies may choose the time that best works for their agency to conduct their physical inventory.

    What is my location code and how do I find it?

    You can use DAWN and click on Fixed Asset Inventory Report; click on 'List Location Codes by Agency'. If you need assistance, contact State Purchasing.

      What if the item does not have a State ID tag?

      If the item(s) were not purchased through State Purchasing, fill out a Property Disposition Form (PDR) and select the box for NEW STATE ID TAG. Provide the accounting information used to acquire the item(s), purchase order and invoice with total amount paid. If the item(s) was purchased through State Purchasing, please provide the purchase order number.

        What if I have a missing item(s) on my inventory?

        Report the missing item(s) immediately to your agency head and make note in the 'notes' field using an FC document. Keep the item(s) on your inventory for 2 inventory cycles as it may turn up. After the 2 inventory cycles, request State Purchasing to remove from your inventory with detailed explanation using a Property Disposition Report. Backup that shows the 2 inventory cycles were completed, with notes on each year that the specific item(s) were not found, is required

          How do I update my Date of Last Inventory?

          In ADVANTAGE, 'Go To' FADU. Enter Location Code, month and year inventory was completed, then F6 ('Updated' will appear at the bottom of the screen).

            Do I have to notify Purchasing if the item(s) don't have a State ID tag and I want to get rid of it?

            Yes. State Purchasing must approve disposal of ALL property, no matter the cost and whether or not the property has a State ID tag.

              What if an item has been stolen?

              Complete a Property Disposition Report (PDR) and attach the police report or memorandum with a detailed explanation of event. State Purchasing will review each circumstance.

                How do I transfer an item to another agency?

                Fill out a Property Disposition Report (PDR) and have the Agency receiving the item(s) sign for them. Ask the receiving agency for their location code and process a Fixed Asset Modification (FC) document to complete the transfer. Note: Property can only be transferred to another State Agency

                  Is it possible to transfer all items in one location to another?

                  Yes. Contact State Purchasing with location information and our office will take care of this for your Department.

                    How do I order duplicate tags?

                    Fill out a Property Disposition Report (PDR) and check the box for Duplicate Tag, include the original tag number.

                      Can I delete my own property tags?

                      No. Only State Purchasing can delete items from your inventory. This must be done on a Property Disposition Report (PDR) with a detailed explanation.

                        FAS1 screen shows the item is still in ADVANTAGE but not in DAWN?

                        FAS1 will always show the item in the system. At the bottom of that screen, look at 'LAST DISPOSITION DATE', if there is a date in the field, the item has been removed from your inventory.

                          How do I add information to the "notes" field?

                          This is done in the ADVANTAGE using the FC (Fixed Asset Modification) document. Enter your State ID tag number, tag type (E, U, V, X) and betterment as 00 (zero). Click on the 'Equity Distribution' tab, enter notes in fields 1-5; box 6 is reserved for the Controller's Office only.

                            What if I have a blue tag that is not on an item?

                            Use the FAS1 screen; look up the tag number to see what item the tag belongs to and location. If the item already has another tag, return the unused tag to State Purchasing with explanation.

                              I have items to donate or dispose of, can an employee take them home?

                              No. State Employees are never authorized to take any State property home (SAM 1538.0). Items may be donated to a non-profit organization. List of approved non-profit organizations can be found on State Purchasing’s website.

                                Do I need to "scrub" the hard drive of a computer/laptop I am donating?

                                Agencies must ensure all devices undergo electronic media sanitization before it is transferred, donated or otherwise disposed of by appropriate agency IT personnel. A departmental Policy and Procedure should provide the specific information and requirements. Contact State EITS with any questions.

                                  Who do I call if I still have more questions?

                                  Contact State Purchasing at 775-684-0170

                                    I've submitted a PDR, but haven't received authorization to dispose yet. Who should I call?

                                    The process of approving PDRs can last up to 30 days. If there is a special circumstance or if it has been more than 30 days since you submitted the PDR, then you may send an email requesting information on the PDR.

                                      How do I purchase a Surplus Vehicle?

                                      Please visit: State Excess Vehicle Listing (