Code of Ethics

The State of Nevada, Purchasing Division is a public purchasing entity securing goods and services for government entities statewide. The staff of the Purchasing Division maintains the highest standards of professional ethics and personal integrity including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Each employee believes in the dignity and worth of the services rendered by this organization and the societal responsibilities assumed as a trusted public servant. 1
    • Each employee must act in the best interests of the State of Nevada and be cognizant of taxpayer funds. We will always ask, "Is it the truth? Is it fair? Will it build goodwill? Will it be beneficial?" 2
    • No employee shall engage in any action, communication or relationship that compromises, or gives the appearance of compromising, their ability to reach fair and impartial decisions regarding any procurement or procurement process.
    • Employees will refrain from soliciting or accepting money, loans, credits, or prejudicial discounts, and the acceptance of gifts, entertainment, favors, or services from present or potential suppliers.3 Gratuities, gifts, and other considerations, as a result of any past, current or future business relationship, to any employee or a member of their family is prohibited.
    • Each employee will abide by the laws of the State of Nevada and the United States of America including, without limitation, NRS chapter 333 (State Purchasing Act); NRS Title 8 (Uniform commercial code); and NRS 281.411 to 281.671, inclusive (Ethics in Government). International purchases will also abide by applicable international trade agreements with the country of origin.
    • Employees shall not use their position to coerce or otherwise create a situation unfair or uncomfortable to customers or vendors.
    • Employees will refrain from any private business or professional activity that would create a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the State. 4

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