OMNI R-B-19002 | facilities management products solutions | Permissive for state agencies

Facilities Management Products and Solutions (OMNIA Prince William County Public Schools, VA

Contract Overview

This Participating Addendum (PA) covers the supplies, materials, equipment and services included in the Master Agreement from the Lead Agency listed above.

State executive branch using agencies are strongly encourage to use contracted vendors for purchases before attempting separate competition, however use of this contract is permissive. The following contracts groups may have product offering that overlap in some areas: Electrical Lighting, Facilities Management Products Solutions, Facilities MRO Industrial Supplies, Homeland Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Office Supplies, Online Marketplace, Tools Equipment, and Walk-in Building Supplies and Related Material. Agencies can purchase from these statewide contracted vendors without additional competition, but are welcome to requests quotes from multiple vendors and are encouraged to do so on bulk purchases or commitments.  

Permissive Users

These contracts may be used by the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Court System, the Legislative Counsel Bureau and all Political Subdivisions within the State of Nevada.

Quick Links to Vendors

- Cintas Corporation (99SWC-NV22-11324)
Ordering Instructions NevadaEPro Agencies: Place orders via release requisition in NevadaEPro regardless of dollar value. Non-NevadaEPro Agencies: Orders can be placed direct on a local purchase order (LPO) or via PCard.
Contract Administrator
Primary: Annette Morfin
(775) 684-0185
Solicitation Documents Solicitation DocumentsThe original solicitation document (i.e., RFP, RFQ, etc.) and any amendments to the original solicitation document.


Vendor Name Cintas Corporation (99SWC-NV22-11324)
Vendor Number Vendor NumberTo be used when making payment to a vendor. T32002621
Contract Period 03/11/2022 through 10/31/2025
Vendor Specific Instructions Vendor NumberOrdering instructions that are specific to a particular vendor. Any Order placed by a Participating Entity or Purchasing Entity for a Product and/or Service available from this PA shall be deemed to be a sale under (and governed by the prices and other terms and conditions) of the Master Agreement unless the parties to the Order agree in writing that another contract or agreement applies to such Order. The Master Agreement number and the State Contract Number must appear on every Quote/Purchase Order placed under this Participating Addendum.
Vendor Contact(s)
Loka Mistretta
1312 Capital Blvd, Ste 102
Reno, NV 89502
(205) 965-9713 | Fax:(855) 900-9210
Vendor Contract Documents Vendor NumberThe executed Master Service Agreement (MSA) contract, attachments and any subsequent contract amendments.
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