A Vendor's Guide to Nevada State Purchasing

Vendors will receive bid notifications via e-mail.


    Thousands of suppliers have learned that doing business with the State of Nevada is good business. The Nevada State Purchasing Division purchases over $400 million in goods, equipment and services annually. More than 3,000 types of commodities are represented in these purchases

      We hope you are interested in being a supplier to the State of Nevada. To assist you, we provide the following information.

        Principles and Standard of Conduct

        The State subscribes to the Principles, Standards and Guidelines for Ethical Purchasing Practices advocated by the Institute of Supply Management. Through these principles, we subscribe to honesty and truth in buying and selling. Our policy prohibits employees from receiving any gift, gratuity or premium in connection with any purchasing or contracting activity.

          Prospective vendors are advised to review Nevada's ethical standards requirements, including but not limited to, NRS 281A and the Governor's Proclamation, which can be found on the Purchasing Division's website (http://purchasing.nv.gov). Your cooperation in respecting this commitment is appreciated.

            Policy of Competition

            Competition is required insofar as practicable in the purchasing of goods and services. Purchases are awarded as economically as possible considering such things as: contractual requirements, total price, quality, service and delivery time.

              Limited exceptions to competition include single-source purchases, emergency requirements and special market conditions. Otherwise, competition requirements are fulfilled by the following guidelines:

                * Purchases under $25,000 may be obtained by telephone quotes, written quotations, or the sealed bid process may be used.

                  * Purchases over $25,000 require the sealed, formal bid or proposal process.


                    Marketing is a key ingredient to becoming a successful vendor with the State. Merely getting on the vendor list will not ensure automatic awards. You are encouraged to build a business rapport with the various agencies that use your product(s) and/or service(s) as well as State Purchasing and market your sales to the State as you would any other customer.

                      The most successful vendors:

                      • * Understand the customer's needs.
                      • * Know their product.
                      • * Work diligently with agencies and "end users" of your product(s) and service(s). 

                        (NOTE: A directory of all State agencies is available through State of Nevada Purchasing Division’s Web Site at http://purchasing.nv.gov and click here to visit the State Telephone Directory.)

                          We recognize sales representatives can make a vital contribution to the State's operation by keeping us informed about the market place. Accordingly, we desire to give all sales representatives ample opportunity to meet with staff. Appointments may be arranged at a mutually convenient time. Sales representative visits should be constructive, but brief. Know the status of open purchase orders with your company. Vendor representatives should know their current delivery promise dates and product lead times.

                            Your interest and assistance are required to keep our files of catalogs and other product literature up to date and accurate. When appropriate, please update your information for our resource library.

                              Please keep in mind that the State must adhere to statutory bidding requirements. While your assistance to the various agencies in defining their needs is valuable and appreciated, purchases must still be bid. The State of Nevada offers no preferences to any vendor, regardless of in-state or women/minority owned business status.

                                State Vendor's List

                                When completing the vendor’s application remember:

                                • To carefully indicate the correct commodity and/or service codes that best describe the goods and services your company provides. 

                                • That the Nevada Vendor’s application is used to identify the vendors who have indicated a desire to receive Bid and/or RFP notifications for specific commodities and services. The State of Nevada Purchasing Division makes available all solicitation notifications and documents on our website under "Bidding Opportunities".

                                • In the course of seeking to do business with the State of Nevada, pursuant to NRS 239B.040 (2) databases containing email and telephone numbers are public information and subject to disclosure.

                                  Go to the On-Line Vendor Application Now!

                                    If you have questions about the application, please contact the State Purchasing Division at 775-684-0170.

                                      Note: It is not a requirement that you complete a vendor application to do business with the State of Nevada. Formal Bids and RFP’s may be obtained from the State Purchasing Web Site at http://purchasing.nv.gov Price Quotations (purchases under $25,000) will be sent to registered vendors.

                                        The Bid/RFP Process

                                        The preparation of the Bid document, "Invitation to Bid" (ITB) or Request for Proposal (RFP), is the key step in the procurement process for goods, equipment and/or services. In general, all bids and service contracts are awarded to the most responsive vendor, considering the specifications, terms and conditions, etc., which are acceptable to both parties. The State of Nevada is primarily concerned with the overall best value to the State, rather than the “lowest bid.” REMEMBER: The vendor's response constitutes an offer to enter into a contract with the State, and if accepted, is binding on both parties. PREPARE ALL ITB’S/RFP’S WITH CARE.

                                          The ITB/RFP should be returned, marked clearly with the ITB/RFP number, opening date and time. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure the ITB/RFP is received at the State Purchasing offices prior to the designated official opening date and time shown on the ITB or RFP. Keep in mind the State does not guarantee overnight delivery.

                                            Formal ITB’S/RFP’S are opened at the State Purchasing offices in Carson City. The vendor or vendor’s representative may attend any opening. At an opening you will learn the names of respondents to the solicitation. At an ITB opening you will also learn prices offered by each respondent. Following the opening, the responses are evaluated for award.

                                              The successful vendor is notified in writing by "Notification of Award". Unsuccessful vendors are also notified of the outcome. After the award is made, the complete file becomes public record. Vendors may contact the applicable staff member to arrange for appropriate inspection of the file.

                                                What We Expect from a Vendor

                                                1. Quality products and dependable service.

                                                2. Dependable delivery promises.

                                                3. Completion of service and installation work on schedule.

                                                4. Responsible, competitive prices.

                                                5. Introduction of new products and services to reduce costs and improve reliability.

                                                6. Frequent communication with staff to keep them informed of new products, economic changes, and personnel changes within the vendor's organization.

                                                7. Willingness to accept the return of damaged, incorrect and excessively shipped merchandise.

                                                8. Prompt settlement of warranty actions.

                                                9. Understanding of the State's purchasing policies and procedures.

                                                10. To notify State Purchasing promptly of any circumstances that will or may affect the delivery date of any order and/or the completion date of any project.


                                                  Invoices are paid based on the purchase order and after the receipt of goods. Purchase orders will not be paid unless State Purchasing receives an invoice that shows the purchase order number. Prompt payment discounts are taken from date of receipt of invoice or date of actual receipt of material; whichever is later and deemed to be paid on date of the State check. Invoices are to be mailed directly to the Nevada State Purchasing Division, 515 E. Musser Street, Suite 300, Carson City, NV 89701.

                                                    (Payment is normally made within 30 days.)

                                                      Disqualifying Vendor

                                                      Vendors may be removed from the approved vendor list and/or penalties assessed for any of the following reasons:

                                                        1. Unsatisfactory quality of materials or services supplied.

                                                        2. Supplying materials that do not meet the State's specifications.

                                                        3. Deliveries inconsistent with the terms stated on the purchase order.

                                                        4. Inability or unwillingness to supply products or services for which the State of Nevada has issued a purchase order(s).

                                                        5. Material breach of contract.

                                                        6. Unethical practice.

                                                        7. Collusion, conspiracy or fraud in the solicitation process.

                                                          Our Purchasing Policy

                                                          1. The Purchasing Division is concerned with obtaining materials, supplies, services and equipment at the most reasonable cost and value to the taxpayer, to supply the agency as quickly as possible, and to provide vendors competitive opportunities.
                                                          2. Whenever possible we use competitive solicitation as the basis for State purchases.
                                                          3. Provide products/services that meet the needs and budgets of our customers.
                                                          4. Consider the following when evaluating quotations, bids, or proposals as a basis for making an award:
                                                            1. The best interests of the State of Nevada.
                                                            2. Experience and technical expertise of the vendor.
                                                            3. The quality of the articles/services to be provided.
                                                            4. Conformity with specifications.
                                                            5. Service and support.
                                                            6. Date of delivery/project completion.
                                                            7. Price (NOTE: Discount periods of less than 30 days are not considered when awarding bids.)
                                                          5. 5. Encourage good communications, freedom of action, and a friendly atmosphere between the vendor and Purchasing as a prerequisite in the conduct of good business.

                                                            WE LOOK FORWARD TO DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU!

                                                            State of Nevada
                                                            Purchasing Division

                                                            515 E. Musser Street, Suite 300
                                                            Carson City, NV 89701
                                                            Telephone: 775-684-0170
                                                            Fax: 775-684-0188

                                                            (TTY for the hearing impaired: (800) 326-6868 Please ask for the Relay Agent to dial 1-775-684-0170/V)