Solicitation Waiver Contracts

Authorized Solicitation Waivers

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 333.400 and Nevada Administrative Code 333.150, the Purchasing Division may authorize direct procurement when it is determined the service or commodity is not adapted to competitive solicitation or a single source.

The State agency specified below has been authorized to contract directly with the identified vendor absent a competitive procurement. Vendors may contest the award within 5 days after the date of posting by submitting a written statement of the issues to be addressed attention Cindy Stoeffler at or (775) 684-0173. Statements submitted after the 5 day period will not be considered.

Waiver Number Date Posted Vendor Type of Work/Service Agency Contact Contract Amount Term of Contract View Documents
211105 11/23/2021 WestEd Training/Reading Apprenticeship Program Department of Education
Amanda Pinter
(775) 687-5931
$357,000.00 18 months View
211104 11/23/2021 Deerfield Solutions, LLC Ongoing services/Deerfield Behavioral Health dissolved/Reestablished as Deerfiled Solutions Division of Public and Behavioral Health
Ronda Miller
(775) 684-5932
$42,632.00 2 Years View