| laundry services | Mandatory for state agencies

Contract Overview

These are Master Services Agreement (MSA) contracts to provide shop towels, mats, linens, shirts, pants, etc.

Both of the contracts (Alsco and Cintas) have expired June 30, 2022 and will not be renewed. Agencies will need to transition to the new contract located at “Facilities Management Products Solutions – OMNI-R-B-19002 by June 30, 2022. You will need to make an appointment with Cintas to make sure that what you need and are currently using is available and also to make sure that they service your required locations. You will then need to let Cintas know when you want to start using them and let Alsco know when their services will no longer be needed. 

Permissive Users

These contracts may be used by the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Court System, the Legislative Counsel Bureau and all Political Subdivisions within the State of Nevada.

Quick Links to Vendors

Ordering Instructions One time orders can be processed direct by the using agency or through NevadaEPro. On going service or large projects should have a written Service Agreement between the Using Agency and the Contractor to govern the relationship.
Contract Administrator
Primary: Annette Morfin
(775) 684-0185
Solicitation Documents Solicitation DocumentsThe original solicitation document (i.e., RFP, RFQ, etc.) and any amendments to the original solicitation document.