040522-USF | food program | Permissive for state agencies

Food Products and Distribution with Related Equipment, Supplies and Services

Contract Overview

The Department of Administration, Purchasing Division has established a new Statewide Prime Vendor Food and Food Supplies Contract to provide a source for foodservice, in conjunction with cooperative contracts offered by Sourcewell, a Minnesota Public Agency. This is a prime vendor food program where an agency must commit to 80% of a facility’s food purchases through the program on an ongoing basis with a $600 weekly minimum. See attached fact sheet and/or reach out to the area contract representative for additional information.

Permissive Users

These contracts may be used by the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Court System, the Legislative Counsel Bureau and all Political Subdivisions within the State of Nevada.

Quick Links to Vendors

- US Foods, Inc.
Ordering Instructions Orders may be processed direct by agencies on a Local PO, through vendor ordering system, via Pcard, or using NevadaEPro. An RXQ in Advantage is not required.
Contract Administrator
Primary: Annette Morfin
(775) 531-3301
Solicitation Documents Solicitation DocumentsThe original solicitation document (i.e., RFP, RFQ, etc.) and any amendments to the original solicitation document.


Vendor Name US Foods, Inc.
Vendor Number Vendor NumberTo be used when making payment to a vendor. PUR0000058
Contract Period 01/23/2023 through 06/03/2026
Vendor Contact(s)
Paula Bruck
9399 W Higgins Rd
Rosemont, IL 60018
815-674-1646 |
Vendor Contract Documents Vendor NumberThe executed Master Service Agreement (MSA) contract, attachments and any subsequent contract amendments.
Vendor Website https://www.usfoods.com