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Citizen Engagement Platform

Contract Overview

This is a NASPO ValuePoint Participating Addendum (PA) to provide Citizen Engagement Platform solutions.

Permissive Users

All state agencies, institutions of higher education, political subdivisions and other entities authorized to use statewide contracts in the State of Nevada.

Quick Links to Vendors

- Tyler Technologies
Ordering Instructions Agencies are required to complete a Service Agreement/Work Plan for each order with approval prior to the start of services. The Service Agreement/Work Plan requires the same approval as a standard contract for services (e.g. Agency Administrator, Deputy AG, CETS Entry, BOE/Clerk) based on the Service Agreement/Work Plan value; and a Technology Investment Request (TIR) if applicable. The Service Agreement/Work Plan does not require the standard contract document. Service Agreement/Work Plan must reference the vendor specific Master Agreement Number and CETS Number.


Contract Administrator
Primary: Ryan Vradenburg
Solicitation Documents Solicitation DocumentsThe original solicitation document (i.e., RFP, RFQ, etc.) and any amendments to the original solicitation document.


Vendor Name Tyler Technologies
Vendor Number Vendor NumberTo be used when making payment to a vendor. T32001084
Contract Period 5/23/2022 through 09/14/2026
Vendor Contact(s)
Jennifer Wahlbrink
One Tyler Dr
Varmouth, ME 04096
Toll-Free:800-772-7726 |
Vendor Contract Documents Vendor NumberThe executed Master Service Agreement (MSA) contract, attachments and any subsequent contract amendments.
Vendor Website https://www.tylertech.com/