Upcoming Proposal Opportunities

The following is a listing of selected services the Purchasing Division anticipates soliciting for in the future. These documents are currently under development and when they are ready for release they will be posted on the RFP/RFQ/RFI page. No further information can be provided at this time.

Please check the current RFP/RFQ/RFI page frequently for a complete listing of current open solicitations.

It is recommended that Vendors interested in receiving a copy of an upcoming solicitation or other solicitations in your area of business register online in the Purchasing Division's free electronic NevadaEPro.

NOTE: This list is not intended to be "all-inclusive", but rather a "heads-up" of projects or needed services of which the Purchasing Division has been made aware.

To request electronic notification for a specific solicitation listed below click here.  NOTE: This will not register your company in NevadaEPro; you will not be notified of other solicitations.

    RFP #  Description  Projected Release Date Purchasing Officer
    3445 Janitorial Services 2017 Gail Burchett
    3485 Laundry Services 2017 Annette Morfin
    3488 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project 2017 Mark Stewart     
    3491 External Quality Review Org (EQRO) 2017 Ronda Miller
    3493 NV Dept of Public Safety Tow Management 2017 Heather Moon
    3507 Satellite Television Installation & Services      2017 Annette Morfin
    3510 Multi-Media Outreach Services 2017 Nancy Feser
    3511 Master Client Index 2017 Ronda Miller
    3514 Legal Resource Research 2017 Annette Morfin
    3515 Inmate Telephone Services 2017 Annette Morfin
    3516 Workforce Scheduling Solution 2017 Annette Morfin
    3518 Anaconda Copper Mine Site Cleanup 2017 Nancy Feser