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ID Type Title Date Posted View Documents
1763 rfp External Quality Review Organization 01/16/18 View
1958 rfp Care Management Organization Services 09/18/17 View
2084 rfp Integrated Marketing Agency of Record 12/16/17 View
2103 rfp Evaluation & Planning Services for the Potential Expansion of the Medicaid Managed Care Organization Program 12/26/17 View
3221 rfp Child Support Collections & Disbursements Software 12/26/17 View
3250 rfp A Multistate Contract for Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO), Industrial Supplies and Tools 12/26/17 View
3425 rfp Dental Benefits Administrator 10/09/17 View
3432 rfp Nevada Department of Wildlife Business Support System 01/05/18 View
3459 rfp Self-Directed Financial Management Services 01/05/18 View
3474 rfp Grants Management System 01/08/18 View
3481 rfp DPS Advertising & Marketing Campaign 11/08/17 View
3487 rfp Food Services 01/10/18 View
3489 rfp Nevada School Funding Consultant 01/09/18 View
3498 rfp Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal Services 01/10/18 View
3502 rfp Juvenile Services Evidence Based Program Center 01/09/18 View
3503 rfp Limited Print Services 01/11/18 View
3504 rfp Abandoned Mine Lands Services 01/11/18 View
3512 rfp Laxalt Chambers Room Audio-Video System Replacement 01/19/18 View
8579 itb De-Icing Sand and Cinders 09/20/17 View
8587 itb Safe Boat 09/25/17 View
8590 itb Gunnison and Tioga Vault Tiolets 10/13/17 View
8591 itb Snowplow Cutting Blades 09/28/17 View
8592 itb Hook Lift Dump Bodies 10/04/17 View
8593 itb All Season Asphalt Cold Patch 11/06/17 View
8594 itb Forklift with Charging Station 09/29/17 View
8595 itb Case Backhoe Loader with Attachments 10/23/17 View
8596 itb S570 T4 Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader 10/17/17 View
8598 itb Dell Storage Hardware & Related Components 10/20/17 View
8599 itb Trimble R-10 Receiver and Accessories (2 pages) 11/06/17 View
8600 itb Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer and Related Items 11/22/17 View
8601 itb Marco Polo Reflective Drawstring Bags 10/25/17 View
8602 itb Portable Medical Waste Incinerators 11/2/17 View
8603 itb Alfalfa Hay 10/20/17 View
8606 itb Rescue Hoist, Skid Guard Kit, Screamer Suit, & Accessories Items 11/28/17 View
8607 itb Endurance Beds and Chairs 11/14/17 View
8608 itb A One (1) Year Open Term Contract for Paratransit Vehicles 1/18/18 View
8610 itb S850 T4 Skid Steer Loader for Equal 11/15/17 View
8611 itb Institutional Desks and Shelving 12/20/17 View
8614 itb Electric Water Cannon 12/06/17 View
8615 itb NET BRAIN Enterprise Edition License and Technical Support 12/08/17 View
8616 itb Radiation Detection and Identification System 12/26/17 View
8617 itb Plantmix/Coldmix 01/11/18 View
8618 itb Street Legal Motorcycles 12/27/17 View
8619 itb 2018 BMW Police Motorcycles 01/08/18 View
8620 itb Oracle License & Support 12/22/17 View
8621 itb Biometric Handle Solution 12/27/17 View
8622 itb Firewall Analyzing Software 01/03/18 View
8625 itb Six-Wheel Waterless Dustless Street Sweepers 12/28/17 View
8626 itb Setina Vehicle Accessories 01/02/18 View
8628 itb Stihl Chainsaws & Rebuild Kits 01/19/18 View