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ID Type Title Date Posted View Documents
2017 rfp Health Care Reform - Eligibility Engine 03/14/17 View
2026 rfq Debt Collections 09/01/16 View
2100 rfq Debt Collection 12/29/16 View
2112 rfp Development of National Historic Landmark Nomination for the Stewart Indian School 02/08/17 View
3133 rfp Environmental Assessment, Mitigation & Remediation Services 02/03/17 View
3199 rfp Statewide Automated Workforce System (SAWS) 01/13/17 View
3205 rfp Seed to Sale Inventory Program and Management System 12/14/16 View
3237 rfp USDA Foods Processing 03/15/17 View
3250 rfp A Multistate Contract for Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Industrial Supplies and Tools 01/1/17 View
3258 rfp Overnight Delivery Service 11/03/16 View
3259 rfp PC/LAN Technician 11/18/16 View
3260 rfp Managed Care Organization 11/03/16 View
3264 rfp Janitorial Services for Welfare Henderson 10/07/16 View
3265 rfp Statewide of Regional HMO Services 01/12/17 View
3266 rfp Recovery Audit Contractor 11/04/16 View
3268 rfp Laboratory Alcohol and Drug Testing 11/02/16 View
3269 rfp Mountain Lion Removal and Live Capture 12/21/16 View
3271 rfp Assessment & Work Plan for the Beatty LLRW Site 10/07/16 View
3273 rfp Body Worn Cameras 11/02/16 View
3275 rfp Janitorial Services for SNAMHS 12/09/16 View
3277 rfp NV Commercial Vehicle Information System & Network 02/10/17 View
3279 rfp Educator Licensure System 02/13/17 View
3282 rfq Fire Fuels Reduction and Vegetation Management Services 04/17/17 View
3283 rfp Prisoner Transportation Services 01/19/17 View
3287 rfp System of Care Day Treatment Program 01/18/17 View
3290 rfp Dental Benefits Administrator 01/17/17 View
3291 rfp Unassigned Vending Services 01/10/17 View
3296 rfp Temporary Employment Services 02/01/17 View
3297 rfp Bell Helicopter Engine Maintenance 03/14/17 View
3299 rfq Transition Summer Camp 04/04/17 View
3400 rfp Conservation Education 03/2/17 View
3403 rfp Workforce Innovation Grants 03/14/17 View
8521 itb X-Ray Systems 03/16/17 View
8522 itb Street Legal Motorcycles 02/28/17 View
8523 itb Aggregate, Riprap, Screenings and Concrete Sand 03/06/17 View
8524 itb Fabric Roll-Up Signs 03/13/17 View
8525 itb Metal Guide Posts 03/14/17 View
8526 itb Redundant AC Switch Bundles 03/02/17 View
8527 itb Blade UPS System 03/07/17 View
8528 itb Herbicides 04/04/17 View
8529 itb Lumber, Plywood and Melamine 04/03/17 View
8530 itb Police Vehicle Wiring Harness 03/22/17 View
8531 itb Guzzler Apron Materials 03/28/17 View
8532 itb Pin Entry Devices 03/31/17 View
8533 itb Liquefied Asphalt Emulsions 04/06/17 View
8534 itb F5 Network Equipment 04/12/17 View
8535 itb Juniper Switches & Related Components 04/10/17 View
8536 itb Screenings 04/04/17 View
8537 itb RSI Revenue Software & Maintenance 04/14/17 View
8538 itb Type 2C Plantmix with Lime 04/19/17 View