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Public records for Solicitations are posted at the time the Notice of Award is issued and will remain posted for 30 days.

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ID Type Title Date Posted View Documents
1988 rfp Medicaid Managed Care Organization Services 02/22/18 View
2103 rfp Evaluation & Planning Services for the Potential Expansion of the Medicaid Managed Care Organization Program 12/26/17 View
3133 rfp Environmental Assessment, Mitigation & Remediation Services 02/03/17 View
3165 rfp PPO for Incarcerated Individuals 02/05/18 View
3207 rfp Non-Emergency Transportation Brokerage Services 03/26/18 View
3211 rfp Actuarial and Consulting Services 04/16/18 View
3212 rfp Workers' Compensation Regulatory Software System 05/07/18 View
3220 rfp Pharmacy Benefit Manager Services 02/06/18 View
3229 rfp Fiscal Agent to Administer the Nevada Universal Service Fund 06/01/18 View
3250 rfp A Multistate Contract for Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO), Industrial Supplies and Tools 12/26/17 View
3260 rfp Managed Care Organization 01/30/18 View
3290 rfp Dental Benefits Administrator 05/16/18 View
3292 rfp Nevada Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) and Cash Benefit System Project 05/16/18 View
3425 rfp Dental Benefits Administrator 10/09/17 View
3432 rfp Nevada Department of Wildlife Business Support System 01/05/18 View
3435 rfp Federal Grant Development & Management 8/22/17 View
3462 rfp Child Support Enforcement System Replacement Design Development & Implementation Services 03/15/18 View
3475 rfp Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) for Child Support Enforcement (CSE) System Replacement 03/06/18 View
3481 rfp DPS Advertising and Marketing Campaign 03/26/18 View
3485 rfp Laundry Services 05/08/18 View
3491 rfp External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) 05/01/18 View
3495 rfp Property and Casualty Brokers 02/09/18 View
3496 rfp Transportation Services for Children 02/09/18 View
3501 rfp CAFR Software Replacement 03/06/18 View
3509 rfp Provider Network Adequacy Analysis 05/17/18 View
3510 rfp Multi-Media Outreach Services 04/04/18 View
3521 rfp Venues for the Governor's Conference on Tourism 04/13/18 View
3522 rfp Nevada Army National Guard Implementation & Inventory of BUILDER SMS 04/05/18 View
8589 itb Inmate Clothing, Sneakers, and Boots 04/13/18 View
RFP 3527 - 05TO-S31 rfp Unclaimed Property Auditor Services 05/09/18 View