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ID Type Title Date Posted View Documents
1812 rfp Wellness and Disease Management Program (Live Well Be Well) 06/07/17 View
1824 rfp Nevada MMIS Takover 05/17/17 View
1963 rfp National Medical Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network Services Outside Nevada 06/30/17 View
2023 rfp Silver State Health Insurance Exchange 06/26/17 View
3017 rfp Janitorial Services for Various Las Vegas Buildings 05/31/17 View
3053 rfp Temporary Tag Issuance System 05/12/17 View
3084 rfp Utilization Management and Large Case Management 7/25/17 View
3084 rfp Utilization Management and Large Case Management 06/26/17 View
3199 rfp Statewide Automated Workforce System (SAWS) 05/25/17 View
3220 rfp Pharmacy Benefit Manager Services 05/12/17 View
3284 rfp Consulting Services for Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Trust Fund 06/23/17 View
3402 rfp Professional Audit Services 05/11/17 View
3403 rfp Workforce Innovation Grants 07/07/17 View
3412 rfp NV Ryan White Pharmacy Benefits Management 07/24/17 View
3414 rfq Vehicle Leasing 07/05/17 View
3415 rfp Multi-Media Workplace Safety and Health Educational & Informational Program 06/01/17 View
3418 rfp E-Health Record 07/24/17 View
3419 rfp Ryan White CAREWare Hosting and Support 07/11/17 View
3420 rfp Oxygen Service (Bulk and Tank) 07/11/17 View
3428 rfp Pest Control Services 06/06/17 View
3432 rfp Nevada Department of Wildlife Business Support System 07/03/17 View
3453 rfp Website Usability Testing 05/25/17 View
3454 rfp Ad-Copy Testing 07/24/17 View
3457 rfp Public Relations Services 07/17/17 View
8541 itb Six-Wheel Dustless Waterless Street Sweeper 05/19/17 View
8542 itb All Wheel Drive Tractor/Loader/Backhoe 06/13/17 View
8543 itb 68,000 GVW Cab & Chassis 06/07/17 View
8546 itb Plantronics Wireless Headsets 7/26/17 View
8547 itb 66K GVW Cab & Chassis with Combination Vacuum Sewer Catch Basin Cleaner 05/24/17 View
8548 itb Class 13 Dump Bodies and Attachments 06/13/17 View
8549 itb 56,000 GVW Cab & Chassis Trucks 06/13/17 View
8550 itb Live Fish 05/18/17 View
8551 itb Universal Testing Machine 06/16/17 View
8552 itb Fleet Focus M5 Software 05/26/17 View
8553 itb Alfalfa Hay 05/26/17 View
8554 itb Solid Chemical De-Icer 06/19/17 View
8555 itb Highway Road Salt 7/17/17 View
8557 itb Oracle Software Products 0/256/17 View
8558 itb HPE DL380 Server for Simplicity Bundle 06/28/17 View
8559 itb 8 Cubic Yard Hopper Cartridge Type Sander 06/23/17 View
8560 itb 4-Wheel Drive Tractor 06/29/17 View
8561 itb Portable Radial Stacker/Conveyor 07/05/17 View
8563 itb Spray Injection Patching Trailer 07/10/17 View
8565 itb Culvert Inspection Camera System 07/10/17 View
8566 itb Dell Toner Cartridges 06/28/17 View
8568 itb Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Related Items 06/30/17 View
8570 itb Fire Fighting Equipment, Supplies, and Clothing I 07/20/17 View
8571 itb Fire Fighting and Supplies II 7/25/17 View
8572 itb F5 Network Equipment 07/10/17 View
8573 itb Ethernet Redundant AC Bundle 07/12/17 View