99SWC-NV18-1438 | it staff augmentation | Mandatory for state agencies

IT Staff Augmentation

Contract Overview

This contract provides access to a Vendor Managed Service Provider (MSP) to provide IT Staffing Augmentation Services on an hourly basis.  The MSP, Knowledge Services, will be the vendor for all staffing requests (incumbent and new) beginning July 1, 2019.


To ensure the ability of State agencies and participating cooperatives to continue to meet their IT Staff Augmentation/consultant needs, the State of Nevada has contracted with Guidesoft dba Knowledge Services as the Managed Service Provider for IT Staff Augmentation.  Knowledge Services, as the MSP, will manage the State of Nevada's IT Staffing Augmenation to ensure a consistent and streamlined process, on-boarding compliance, improved resource quality and business intelligence. 

Permissive Users

These contracts may be used by the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Court System, the Legislative Counsel Bureau and all Political Subdivisions within the State of Nevada.

Quick Links to Vendors

- Guidesoft dba Knowledge Services
Ordering Instructions

For State Agencies:

Ordering Instructions:

The request may be started by either using the punchout feature within NevadaEPro.com or by visiting dotStaff.com directly.  To access the vendor's website, dotStaff.com, request access by contacting the Nevada Program Manager at the contact information below.  State agencies will need to have access to NevadaEpro.com or to work with the Purchasing Division to finalize the Purchase Order request for invoicing purposes.


Knowledge Services has provided a Managers Resource Page for the State of Nevada. Please visit this site to determine which service level you are seeking for support and their associated hourly rate.  

Please plan accordingly to allow 4-8 weeks as an approximate on-boarding timeline as all consultants require a fingerprint background check.

For Political Subdivisions:

Contact the vendor contact listed below for assistance in selecting the appropriate services.

Contract Administrator
Primary: Ryan Vradenburg
Solicitation Documents Solicitation DocumentsThe original solicitation document (i.e., RFP, RFQ, etc.) and any amendments to the original solicitation document.


Vendor Name Guidesoft dba Knowledge Services
Vendor Number Vendor NumberTo be used when making payment to a vendor. T29042164
Contract Period 11-13-2018 through 09-15-2026
Vendor Specific Instructions Vendor NumberOrdering instructions that are specific to a particular vendor. See Ordering information above.
Vendor Contact(s)
Leigh Ann Ellis
5875 Castle Creek Pkwy N. Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250-4329
775-391-3928 |
Vendor Contract Documents Vendor NumberThe executed Master Service Agreement (MSA) contract, attachments and any subsequent contract amendments.